Filmix has been designed to celebrate the artworks of mixed media artists studying at Bilgi University Cinema Department and to make them reach art lovers. These artworks are installations which combine cinema and video art with diverse media and art branches. Filmix, starting its exhibitions as an artist group by Project 04 MayFest of 2018 with Öteberi theme at Bilgi, prioritizes interdisciplinary art practices. The art installations presented in this website have been curated and designed for Film and Other Arts course (FTV 253) under the instruction of Dr. Balca Arda. The artists studied the engagement of cinema with other art practices along during one semester course and prepared art installations dealing with the question of otherization and subjectivity formation following the line of Öteberi theme. Artwork page consists of several parts as Art Project description, Art Proposal text and Journal which underline artists' memory on successive steps of artwork creation and will also feature updates during the exhibition. The Filmix artists participating to the exhibition with their mix media artworks are Berfin Alyeşil, Yağız Arıkan, Deniz Bülbül, Selcen Fidan, Serdar Güçsav, Alara Drahsan, Ruken Doğu Erdede, Gizem Hayali, Utku Kafalier, Emre Can Kaya, Juli Bihter Naseh, Gülin Ören, Sina Özgen, Dicle Naz Tohumcu, Berk Uslu and Yağız Yeşilkaya. We also want to express our thanks and our deepest appreciation for the profound contribution in providing technical assistance for our website design to Nevzat Arı, Tarık Kavaz, Burak Yetgin, Ekin Ertaç and Yusuf Özer.